Six of Cups Meaning – Tarot Card Meanings

Six of Cups Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

Six of Cups Meaning – Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords nostalgia, memories, familiarity, healing, comfort, sentimentality, pleasure stuck in past, moving forward, leaving home, independence Skip to Upright Meaning Skip to Reversed Meaning

The Six of Cups symbolize the joy of nostalgia, the comfort of home and childhood innocence. In the card itself, there are six cups filled with white flowers. Two children are depicted in the foreground, and one is passing a cup to another. This handing of the flowers from the boy to the girl shows the passing of traditions and happy reunions. The children seem to be in a castle of sorts, that we can imagine give them a sense of security and comfort.

Six of Cups Correspondences

Concept 6 of Cups Correspondence Element Water; emotions, relationships, unconscious, intuition Numerology Sixes; harmony, adjustment, alignment Astrology Sun in Scorpio: November 2 – November 12

The Six of Cups upright generally represents generosity, naïve happiness, and childhood. It can stand for you wanting to return to a happier time, whether it was when you were a child, teenager, or young adult. Many times, these memories are things of the past, which reflect the aspects of ourselves that have vanished. You may feel that remembering these times is the only way to feel happy. The Six of Cups appearing in a reading seems to indicate that while we may look upon the past with a happy eye, we must avoid living in it.

The Six of Cups can also mean that you are be returning to a familiar place. This could be your hometown, an old friend’s home, a school, or any place that holds a lot of meaning for you. You are seeking to reconnect with people from your past. Bringing back old memories reminds us of our childhood, a time when things were simpler.

You may be seeking the comfort and warmth of people that unconditionally love you.

Coming after the Five of Cups, this card can also suggest that you may have suffered a loss or disappointment of sorts, and you are making the journey home. You are looking to the past to find the answer to the crisis or challenge that you are facing now. You may be seeking the comfort and warmth of people that unconditionally love you, gathering strength to face the trials that are in front of you.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning reconnecting with ex, reliving happy memories, healing after breakup returning to previous work, not repeating past mistakes, learning career lessons moving back in with parents, financial gifts, sharing finances

Upright 6 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

The past comes alive again with the 6 of Cups tarot love meaning. This card can signal a revival of the past and the nostalgia that comes with it; you may be exploring happy memories, you may be more appreciative your partner’s sense of familiarity, or an ex can even reappear in your life again. The 6 of Cups can also represent a time of healing after wounds, and comfort may be important to you now. If you and your partner have had a stressful period in your relationship, looking backwards at the great times you spent together, and perhaps reliving them, can bring you great comfort. Beware however, of living only in the past. Let the past nourish your future; they are lessons to show you what you want to remain in your life, and what you wouldn’t.

Career Meaning – Upright 6 of Cups

The six of cups often represents childhood, memories, and healing. When it comes to your career, now may be a good time to look backwards on the path that got you here. This card can be a signal that your past work can hold great lessons you need to learn for building your future. Think back on what you did right, as well as ensure that you aren’t repeating mistakes from your past. Alternatively, this card can signal that you may be reconsidering your career path, and perhaps returning to a position that you had once left.

Finances Meaning – Upright 6 of Cups

The goodwill of the six of cups can relate to your finances in a number of ways. At times, this card can signify a gift or donation, or simply a sharing of resources. This card is also related to childhood and home, signifying that this sharing may come from family members. You may be returning to your parental home, giving you the ability to save your own funds more, while being amongst the comfort of those that love you. Alternatively, you may be on the other side of this, and welcoming family back into your own home, while sharing resources.

Interpreting the Upright 6 of Cups as Feelings

In a tarot reading, the upright six of cups signifies feelings of nostalgia, memories, and comfort. This card often represents a sense of longing for the past or a deep connection to childhood memories. It can indicate a time of emotional healing and finding solace in familiar surroundings. In the context of relationships romantic or otherwise, the emotional connection can be described as simple and natural; you may find it easy to connect and relate to one another.

Interpreting the Upright 6 of Cups as Actions

In terms of actions, the 6 of Cups suggests that the best course of action is embracing sentimentality and finding joy in simple pleasures. It encourages you to engage in activities that bring you comfort and happiness, whether that involves spending time with loved ones, revisiting old hobbies, or creating new memories that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The past can be a source of inspiration right now; this card encourages us to reconnect with our inner child.

Interpreting the Upright 6 of Cups as Yes or No

If you’re looking for whether this card will give you a yes or no answer in a tarot reading, the upright 6 of Cups typically leans towards a positive outcome. It indicates that the situation at hand is filled with warmth, familiarity, and emotional fulfillment. If the reading involves reconnecting with the past and reviving joyful memories in the present moment, this card is a good indication of a positive outcome.

The Six of Cups reversed can mean that you are clinging to the past. You should explore your memories, but you should not allow yourself to remain there. While you may find it comforting to be in the security of home, you must also learn to forge your own path. The past should be used as a guide for the future, not as a space to remain and linger. Learn to focus on the present and ground yourself in the moment. Another reading of the Six of Cups reversed is that you may feel as though you are disconnected from your childhood self, and that child’s dreams, which may sometimes be unrealistic. Not reaching these goals can be painful, but sometimes reality carves a path for you that you must follow, and you shouldn’t blame yourself for your choices. Take the time to think about where you want to be now and how you can reach your goals, instead of just dreaming about them.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning unable to move on, clinging to past loves, failure to live in present leaving comfort of job, staying in stale job, repeating negative patterns financially independent, leaving parental home

Reversed 6 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

With the reversed 6 of Cups tarot love meaning, you may be living in the past instead of the present. It is likely that a past relationship has been limiting you from opening yourself to love and making room in your heart for someone else. You may believe that you will never meet someone like your ex again, or that the love you once had was something of legend. It can be rather unfair for current or potential partners to be with someone who lives this way. Exes are exes for a reason; you may be only seeing the happy memories, and not the tumultuous ones. Let the past go. Otherwise you may be blocking out all possibility of love again, and you may never know whether the love that you are meant have was even greater than the one you lost.

Career Meaning – Reversed 6 of Cups

The reversed six of cups can suggest that your work has become stale, and that progress in your career has perhaps stalled. You may be so frustrated from this stifling atmosphere that you are in the process of searching for a more exciting position or field of employment. There can be the desire to leave the security and comfort of your current position. Alternatively, you may be choosing to remain in the comfort of your current position to avoid the risks of searching elsewhere. In general, there is an important lesson that needs to be learned when this card is in reverse. Beware of repeating any negative patterns that may have followed you in your past workplaces; regardless of where you go, your own behavior often can recreate the same problems again if it is not dealt with.

Finances Meaning – Reversed 6 of Cups

Upright, this card is a sign of childhood and past memories. When reversed, the six of cups signifies that you are ready to set out on your own. This card is common for people who live at home but are ready to move out. It symbolizes that you are becoming financially mature. If you’ve been living with parents or others, you have better learned how to save and manage your funds, and you now have the discipline to make a life for yourself. These changes can be scary but necessary; enjoy the freedom that this brings you!

Interpreting the Reversed 6 of Cups as Feelings

A reversed 6 of Cups can indicate a sense of nostalgia or longing for the past, but with a hint of sadness or regret. You may be romanticizing a past relationship, remembering only the happy moments, and feeling a sense of loss that it has ended. It is the feeling of being stuck in the past. Sometimes, this card can also suggest unresolved issues from childhood or past relationships that are resurfacing and need attention. On a less serious level, this card can simply be associated with feelings of boredom and apathy; that life has become repetitive.

Interpreting the Reversed 6 of Cups as Actions

When it comes to actions, the reversed 6 of Cups suggest a tendency to dwell on the past or hold onto outdated beliefs and behaviors. You may be struggling to let go of old patterns, even if they are doing harm to your current situation. This card encourages taking proactive steps to break free from the past and embrace new opportunities for growth and transformation.

Interpreting the Reversed 6 of Cups as Yes or No

If you’re insistent on getting a yes or no answer from your reading, the reversed 6 of cups may lean towards a no. This card suggests that the situation at hand requires a fresh perspective and a willingness to let go of the past. It advises against clinging to familiar but outdated ways of thinking or behaving. Instead, it encourages embracing change and moving forward with an open heart and mind.

We won’t be able to list each and every reinforcing card in the deck, but here are some of the first ones that come to mind, as they are often dependent on the reader’s interpretations and experiences. The appearance of the Six of Cups alongside any of these cards could intensify this card’s themes.

The Sun: When the Six of Cups appears with The Sun, it amplifies the theme of childhood joy and innocence. The Sun represents happiness, clarity, and a return to simpler, carefree times; exemplified by the child on the horse. Together, these cards suggest a period of immense joy and nostalgia, where reconnecting with your past or childhood memories brings profound happiness and a sense of fulfillment. This pairing encourages you to embrace a childlike wonder and optimism, highlighting the beauty and purity found in revisiting and cherishing your roots.Ten of Cups: Paired with the Six of Cups, the Ten of Cups emphasizes themes of emotional fulfillment, family, and harmony. The Ten of Cups represents a happy and content family life, while the Six of Cups often brings up fond memories of childhood. Together, they suggest that reconnecting with your past or family can bring about a sense of complete emotional satisfaction and peace. This combination reinforces the importance of family bonds and the joy that comes from shared memories and experiences.Page of Cups: The Page of Cups, alongside the Six of Cups, brings a message of emotional renewal and creative inspiration. The Page of Cups is youthful, imaginative, and open-hearted, and often used to represent our inner child. When these cards appear together, they encourage you to approach life with openness and curiosity. This pairing highlights the power of innocence, creativity, and the emotional connections that stem from a pure, heartfelt place. It’s a call to embrace new emotional experiences with the same enthusiasm as cherished old memories.

Opposing cards can provide a different perspective. In a reading, you may find that they create interesting points of tension or indicate some kind of inner conflict. Alternativelly, they can also sometimes give a much needed balance to the reading.Five of Swords: The Five of Swords, with its themes of conflict and betrayal, directly opposes the harmonious and innocent nature of the Six of Cups. While the Six of Cups focuses on positive, supportive relationships, the Five of Swords highlights tension, deceit, and the harsh reality of personal conflicts.

  • Harmony and innocence vs Conflict and betrayal
  • Supportive relationships vs Personal tensions
  • Positive memories vs Harsh realities

Seven of Swords: The Seven of Swords, embodying deceit and secrecy, conflicts with the open-hearted and sincere energy of the Six of Cups. While the Six of Cups promotes trust and innocence, the Seven of Swords warns of hidden motives and the need for caution in relationships and situations.

  • Trust and innocence vs Deceit and secrecy
  • Open-heartedness vs Hidden motives
  • Sincere energy vs Need for caution

Ten of Wands: The Ten of Wands, symbolizing burdens and overwhelming responsibilities, stands in stark contrast to the lightheartedness and simplicity of the Six of Cups. This card indicates that you may be weighed down by current pressures, making it difficult to indulge in the carefree and joyous energy of reminiscing.

  • Lightheartedness vs Burdens and responsibilities
  • Simplicity vs Overwhelming pressures
  • Joyous energy vs Feeling weighed down